For many years, the small island people of Ostalin battled among themselves, before finally a warlord conquered his foes and proclaimed himself Khagan. He then led his people to the mainland, conquering lands from Sindaire with the aid of hippogriff aerial archers until he reached a mountain range and met resistance from a clan of dragonborn. Impressed with the honor the dragonborn exhibited on the battlefield, the Khagan decided to learn from this strange race and sued for peace. The dragonborn accepted and the Khagan became a disciple of the dragonborn culture, even changing his name to Barazar.

During this time, Barazar had many children with many wives, but ultimately he left his nation to his half-elf son Onamdammin, in whom he saw the same fire of obsession that led him to conquer. The Khagan hoped his son would be the one to topple Coaltongue and rule Ragesia, but he did not see that the young ruler had no honor underneath his veneer of respectability. With deep regret, he denounced Onamdammin and fled along with his family to the mountains, vowing to correct his mistake.

He died from an assassin’s arrow before he could carry out his coup. His remaining sons are now seeking help from other nations to depose their half-brother.

The Khaganhold of Ostalin is a violent state, ruled poorly by Khagan Onamdammin, whose passions and desires far outstrip his talents. He has broken relations with the dragonborn because they refuse to relinquish his siblings. In response, he has become sympathetic to the many tieflings chased out of other countries. The Khagan is also intent on finding his remaining three half-brothers; he is obsessed with securing his throne through a program of elimination. The capital city of Kistan is relatively small, since the city that used to occupy the land was burned down only a few decades ago by the original Khagan. The nation’s diverse landscape is renowned for its beauty, and Sindaire still seeks to reclaim it.


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