Poison Apple Pub

The pub is a two-story building attached by a rooftop bridge to an abandoned house on the right. A stable is to the building’s left. The front door and windows are boarded up, and the curtains are drawn. An Official Notice is posted on its door:

The alleys on both sides of the pub are littered with debris and the fetor of drunkenness. An overhead bridge shadows a door on left side and the alley is blocked at the end by refuse and broken furniture. The alley by the stable to the left opens to the back of the building.

A moment passes after knocking on the door before it cracks open. A tall, well-tanned woman with short white hair peeks out into the alleyway and looks both ways. She lets you in, gesturing to a single table. The darkened pub appears empty, its many tables and chairs pushed to one wall and covered with sheets. A single table with enough chairs for all of you sits in the middle of the room. A small oil lamp and a keg sit on top of it, along with several mugs. Unless the shadows beyond hide more, your group and the woman are the only people in the room.

You take a moment to examine the surroundings and notice a staircase leads upstairs, located in a corner of the common room and beside the bar. The windows and door facing the street are closed and boarded up from the outside. On the wall behind the bar hangs a bronze bust of the former emperor of Ragesia, Drakus Coaltongue, a regal, aged half-orc with a scar cutting diagonally across his face.

While you are settling down, the woman picks up a mug of beer and speaks. “Good evening, all. My name is Torrent. Thanks for coming,” She gestures towards the keg and mugs, and with a wan smile says, “Have a drink. Just because we’re about to go to war doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the New Year.” She then takes a pull of her mug and sits down. For a few minutes, through small talk and friendly banter, the New Year is celebrated.

Poison Apple Pub

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