Scourge Act 2 Scene 2

Rivereye “So, Peppin is gone,” Rivereye says with a sigh. “The loss is great in my eyes, though I fear few would agree. Life has become so cheap in these dark days. As a servant in the imperial palace, I saw things that put all faith in a good future to the test. Oh! How I wish the Inquisitors had not enslaved my lips and hands to never reveal what I know.”

“But I realized others could see what I know! That is why you are here tonight. That case is valuable because it contains all of what I cannot say. It must be retrieved and sent to Lyceum!

The gnome continues and tells the party how he convinced the imposter that the case was trapped. He is not positive, because he does not understand the elf language, but he thinks the rogue the party encountered is named Larion. Rivereye also overheard the solon talking with three eladrin. The thieves have a contact at Gabal’s School, a Shalahesti eladrin named Shealis. At one point in the conversation, the solon, not good at keeping secrets, mentioned: “The escape tunnel to the Singing Chasm is a week away from completion. Our mission will be done soon and we can return to Shahalesti with all we have gathered. Shealis is more difficult now that she is near the end of all this. I hope this information will make her happy.”

He grimaces and starts a coughing fit that suggests the gnome’s strength is flagging. Torrent recommends taking shelter in a nearby temple dedicated to healing, under which is one of the resistance’s many safe houses.

“Thank you my lady,” splutters the weary gnome. “A good rest will prepare us for the task tomorrow, and help me recover my wits. I hope that all of you are willing to go to Gabal’s school and help me regain the information from the Shahalesti. They have no business interfering with all this. Will you join with me on the morrow?”

Scourge Act 2 Scene 2

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